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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Islam in mass media: The image buildingСамонова Анна Владимировна; Samonova Anna
2018Issues of terrorism in the world news agencies: A comparative analysis of The RBK and ReutersБлейх Эдгар Валерьевич; Bleykh Edgar
2017Means of impact exerted by propaganda press on the electorate: A case study of the 2016 electionsМихайлова Валерия Андреевна; Mikhailova Valeria
2017Media participation in the electoral practice of 2011–2012Нуруллин Искандер Маратович; Nurullin Iskander
2018Motherhood issues in Russian mass mediaШкирдова Дарья Анатольевна; Shkirdova Darya
2016A newspaper for children and youth: An experience of working with young correspondentsЧекалова Дарья Алексеевна; Chekalova Daria
2017Participation of mass media in building the Russian ethnic minorities' identityКим Евгения Валерьевна; Kim Evgeniya
2017Pre-election campaigns in regional press: A case study of the Kommersant newspaper in St.PetersburgКарпенко Мария Сергеевна; Karpenko Mariia
2018Redesign of local periodicals: A case study of the Slavyanka Segodnya newspaperСпиричева Анна Михайловна; Spiricheva Anna
2017Redesign of youth publicationsКакаулина Ксения Андреевна; Kakaulina Ksenia
2018School press in media educationКуприянова Арина Сергеевна; Kupriianova Arina
2018School scandalous situations in mass media: An ethical aspect. A case study of the Life and MeduzaНеякишева Александра Романовна; Neyakisheva Alexandra
2017Speech image of modern art publications: A case study of the Seans magazineАлагирова Марина Казбековна; Alagirova Marina
2017Terrorism in analytical press: Case studies of the Beslan and Volgograd eventsДалматова Анастасия Михайловна; Dalmatova Anastasia
2017Terroristic organisations of the 21st century as a media phenomenonСтародубцева Марина; Starodubtseva Marina
2018Viral content in the American and Russian media systemsЦаплина Дарья Андреевна; Tcaplina Daria