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Ресурсы коллекции (Сортировка по Даты сохранения в по убыванию порядке): 1 по 18 из 18
Предварительный просмотрДата выпускаНазваниеАвтор(ы)
июн-2018Bogdanov N. N. “Crimean Territorial Government” [1919]Puchenkov, A. S.
июн-2018International Scientific Forum “The Great Russian Revolution: Memory and Comprehension. 1917–2017”Zhuang, Y.
июн-2018One Century Ago or How the Year 1917 Became a RevolutionDanilova, O. S.
июн-2018A. A. Zinoviev on the Problems of Historical Comprehension of the Soviet EraSomov, V. A.; Besedina, E. A.
июн-2018Several Theoretical Problems during the Preparation of the History of the Civil War and its Various Solutions (1930– 1935)Iroshnikov, M. P.; Zelenov, M. V.; Brandenberger, D.; Pivovarov, N. Yu.
июн-2018Which Army Should the Population Feed during the Civil War? (The Attitude of the Population of the Arkhangelsk Province to the Whites and the Reds)Troshina, T. I.
июн-2018Symbols of the October Revolution and Their Metamorphoses in the Commemorative Postal Stamps in RSFSR, USSR and Russian FederationMetelkin, E. N.; Sokhor, T. E.
июн-2018The First Anniversary of the October Revolution and the Expectations of the World RevolutionGodunov, K. V.
июн-2018‘“What Have We fought For?”: The Heroes of the Civil War in “the Intoxication of the NEP”Ulyanova, S. B.; Sidorchuk, I. V.
июн-2018The Historian A. I. Yakovlev and the Revolutionary V. I. Ulyanov-Lenin (Basing on Documents from the Federal Security Service Archive of St. Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast and the Memoirs)Krivosheev, Yu. V.
июн-2018Andrey Medardovich Zayonchkovskiy: a Hidden Idealist and a CourtierVeremenko, V. A.; Kaminskiy, V. V.
июн-2018General-Major A. M. Pospeev: Pages of Official ActivityPetin, D. I.
июн-2018General S. L. Markov in January — April 1917Gagkuev, R. G.
июн-2018Chinese Eastern Railway and Emission of Coupons of the Russian-Asian Bank in 1918–1919Khodjakov, M. V.
июн-2018The Third Front in the Russian Civil War: Bag People Breaking Blockade of the Village by the BolsheviksDavydov, A. Yu.
июн-2018Russian Anti-Bolshevik Detachments in Latvia at the end of 1918Bogomazov, N. I.
июн-2018The Small Wars Theory and the Activities of British Secret Services in the Russian North in 1918Ivanov, A. A.
июн-2018The Judicial “Vertical of Power” in the Political and Legal System of the White Movement, 1918–1920, Civil and Military JusticeTsvetkov, V. Zh.
Ресурсы коллекции (Сортировка по Даты сохранения в по убыванию порядке): 1 по 18 из 18