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1964Comparison of the specificity of ultra-violet and X-rays action on mutability of yeastInge-Vechtomov, S.G.; Kožin, S.A.; Инге-Вечтомов, С.Г.; Кожин, С.А.
1964Nоn-disjunction of chromosomes produced by X-rays of different wave length and intensityTikhomirova, M.M.; Тихомирова, М.М.
1964A comparative study of the mutagenic action of different types Of radiation and ethyleneimine on the alga chlorellaKhropova, V.I.; Kvitko, K.V.; Zakharov, I.A.; Хропова, В.И.; Квитко, К.В.; Захаров, И.А.
1964A mutant form of нарloid tomatoKirillova, G.A.; Bogdanova, E.V.; Кириллова, Г.А.; Богданова, Е.Н.
1967After-effect of different doses of X-rays in drosophila lines which have different radiosensitivityVatty, K.V.; Viktorova, G.V.; Beijaiskaja, O.J.; Ватти, К.В.; Викторова, Г.В.; Беляцкая, О.Я.
1967About the mechanism of non-disjunction of chromosomesTikhomirova, M.M.; Тихомирова, М.М.
1967The effect of high temperature on the frequency of x-гау induced yellow mutation in the scˢ¹BInSwᵃsc8 chromosomesHashim-Ahmed, M.S.; Хашим-Ахмед, М.С.
1967The influence of the combined effects of x-rays and high temperature on the process of crossingoverSinha, S.P.; Синха, С.П.
1971The role of central nervous system in the regulation of cell division process and of radiosensitivity of chromosomes of corneal epithelial cells in miceTsapygina, R.I.; Цапыгина, Р.И.
1971A study of the after-effect of temperature on the frequency of secondary non-disjunction and the loss of X-chromosomes after the irradiation of Drosophila femalesTikhomirova, M.M.; Glotoff, N.W.; Тихомирова, М.М.; Глотов, Н.В.