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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1979Some historical prerequisites and modern trends in activity of Department of Genetics and Breeding of Leningrad UniversityInge-Vechtomov, S.G.; Инге-Вечтомов, С.Г.
1979Comparative genetics of the nonspecific phosphomonoesterases in microorganismsKožin, S.A.; Ter-Avanesyan, M.D.; Кожин, С.А.; Тер-Аванесян, М.Д.
1979Comparative analysis of the frequency of dominant lethals, induced by X-ray given to males and females from the different animal speciesAleksejevich, L.A.; Barabanova, L.V.; Vatty, K.V.; Tikhomirova, M.M.; Tsapygina, R.I.; Алексеевич, Л.А.; Барабанова, Л.В.; Ватти, К.В.; Тихомирова, М.М.; Цапыгина, Р.И.
1979The evolution of recombination mechanismsPavlov, Yu.I.; Mikheev, V.S.; Павлов, Ю.И.; Михеев, В.С.
1979The hypothesis about the time-dependent principle of the systems organization regulating the individual developmentKorochkin, L.I.; Корочкин, Л.И.
1979Heterochromatin, its properties and moleculer organisation in DrosophilaSmirnov, A.F.; Smaragdov, M.G.; Смирнов, А.Ф.; Смарагдов, М.Г.
1979Analysis of interallelic complementation as a method for studying of homology of the genetic material in yeastTikhomirova, V.L.; Simarov, B.V.; Тихомирова, В.Л.; Симаров, Б.В.
1979The phenocopy method of gene action analysis in development on the diploid mutants of strawberryFadeyeva, T.S.; PоdоIsкауа, A.P.; Вabanazaгоv, B.K.; Фадеева, Т.С.; Подольская, А.П.; Бабаназаров, Б.К.
1979Genetic determination of chloroplast characters in Chlamydomonas. Creation of multymarked stocksAleksandrova, N.N.; Krela, L.P.; Tugarinov, V.V.; Александрова, Н.Н.; Крэла, Л.П.; Тугаринов, В.В.
1979The estimation of a mutagenic activity of pollutions in the paper production industry (the genetical models).Pavlenko, V.V.; Putintseva, L.A.; Павленко, В.В.; Путинцева, Л.А.