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1974The study of esterases polymorphism in the stocks and cage populations of Drosophila melanogasterPakhomov, A.N.; Kaidanov, L.Z.; Aronshtam, A.A.; Пахомов, А.Н.; Кайданов, Л.З.; Аронштам, А.А.
1974Selection mechanism in microbial populations under different types of continuous cultivatingPechurkin, N.S.; Terskov, I.A.; Печуркин, Н.С.; Терсков, И.А.
1974The genetical polymorphism of the cattle transferrinsKarmanova, E.P.; Nikolaeva, G.N.; Карманова, Е.П.; Николаева, Г.Н.
1974Genetic control of chromosomal behaviour in meiosis of inbred lines of diploid rye. I. Chiasma frequenceSosnikhina, S.P.; Соснихина, С.П.
1974Genetically determinated changes in cysteine contents of Chlorella cells biomassKamchatova, I.E.; Камчатова, И.Е.
1974Cytophotometric determination of DNA content in the sperms of inbred lines of radish and their hybridsMaksuk, N.A.; Narbut, S.I.; Smirnov, A.F.; Максюк, Н.А.; Нарбут, С.И.; Смирнов, А.Ф.
1974The contribution of the mutational method to development of the applied genetics of microorganismsKvitko, K.V.; Квитко, К.В.
1974Study of meiosis in inbred lines of radish Raphanus sativus var. radicola Pers.Fadeyeva, T.S.; Dayal, N.; Фадеева, Т.С.; Дайял, Н.