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dc.contributor.authorAlsufyev, A.
dc.contributor.authorZavyalova, Elena K.
dc.description.abstractThe question how to stimulate innovations has been extensively addressed in the strategic management field of study. However the role of human capital in innovative development has not yet been explored fully. Scholars are still unable to provide a framework explaining how human resource development can enhance organizational innovations. That is why the goal of the current papers is to overview the literature body regarding the human resource development in order to differentiate it from human resource management and provide synthesis of diverse theories explaining the impact of human resource development practices on innovations. On the whole, literature shows the significant effect of personnel training on innovations. The mediating effect of learning practices has been identified in the influence of training on innovations. The literature also emphasizes the moderating effect of learning climate. Attempts have been made to describe possible HRD interventions at every stage of innovation journey: gestation, development, and implementation. However, there is still no model explaining the relationship of HRD and innovations. Study aimed at designing the model of the connection between HRD practices and innovative performance and validating it empirically can substantially contribute to the advancement of innovation management and human resource development fields by answering the question of how to enhance
dc.publisherGraduate School of Management, Saint Petersburg State University
dc.relation.ispartofseriesWorking Paper; #9(E)-2013
dc.subjecthuman resource developmentru
dc.subjecthuman resource managementru
dc.titleHuman Resourse Development Practices and Innovations: Problem Overviewru
dc.typeWorking Paperru
dc.contributor.altauthorАлсуфьев, А. И.
dc.contributor.altauthorЗавьялова, Е. К.
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