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Ресурсы коллекции (Сортировка по Даты сохранения в по убыванию порядке): 1 по 18 из 18
Предварительный просмотрДата выпускаНазваниеАвтор(ы)
сен-2017Situation in the Department of State Securities Production in Irkutsk in the Beginning of 1920sPetin, D. I.
сен-2017M. F. Shcherbakova. “Revolution in Petrograd” (Memories of Events in February — March, 1917)Vostrikov, A. V.; Strakhova, Ya. A.
сен-2017The Systematic Character of Resolving Issues of Historical Source Study, Archeography and Historiography (Thoughts on the Book “‘The Short Course on the History of the VKP(b).’ The Text and its History”)Serebrianskaia, G. V.; Zubkov, A. A.; Krylova, A. V.
сен-2017The First Soviet Sputnik as an Impetus to the Reform of American Education: On the 60th Anniversary of this Historic EventKrymskaya, A. S.
сен-2017“Breivik’s Syndrome” in the Tobolsk Prison CastleNaumenko, O. N.; Naumenko, E. A.
сен-2017Literary and Art Reflection of Social and Natural Problems of the Soviet Pre-War Village in 1920–30s (on Example of the European part of the RSFSR)Tsintsadze, N. S.
сен-2017Medieval Events and Heroes in Soviet Tear-Off CalendarsRostovtsev, E. A.; Sosnitsky, D. A.
сен-2017Memorialised and Imagined: Meanings of the Urban Space of VyborgKarhu, Jani
сен-2017A Biography of a Hero of the Soviet Union A. T. SevastjanovTimofeev, L. V.
сен-2017Labor Disputes at the Industrial Enterprises of the Urals rural Area in the Jubilee Year of the Soviet Rule: the Problem of Relations between the Authorities and Workers in 1927Feldman, M. A.
сен-2017Anglo-Soviet Conflict of 1927 in the Representation of People of the Soviet ProvincesBryantsev, M. V.
сен-2017L. D. Trotskiy Himself Certified for Him: General-Major G. M. Tikhmenev and His DestinyKaminskiy, V. V.
сен-2017Petersburg, Liteyniy District: Addresses of the State Duma of Russian EmpirePatrikeeva, O. A.
сен-2017“The Holy of Holies”: Formation and Evolution of the Party Statute (1898–1920s)Voytikov, S. S.
сен-2017Cultural, Educational and Charitable Activities of Pyotr Stolypin as Governor of Grodno in 1902–1903Jurkowski, R.
сен-2017Voices from the Past: Epistolary Sources on Tambov POW Camps During the Second World WarMizis, Yu. A.
сен-2017Financing Evacuation Hospitals During the Soviet-Finnish War (on Materials of the Ural Military District)Kuskov, S. A.
сен-2017Formation of Soviet State System: Use of Tsarist Heritage in the Sphere of Central GoverningMorozova, E. N.; Raskin, D. I.
Ресурсы коллекции (Сортировка по Даты сохранения в по убыванию порядке): 1 по 18 из 18