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dc.contributor.authorGorbunova, Maria L.-
dc.contributor.authorPrikazchikova, Yuliya V.-
dc.description.abstractThe search for the new ways of international expansion of manufacturing businesses suggests a study of the experience of internationalization of Russian companies that have arisen in the post- Soviet period and are often associated with the so-called “new” economy. Using secondary data, the authors conducted a comparative analysis of the key aspects of the international strategy of the Russian “gazelle” companies in order to identify and generalize best practices of developing and maintaining the international competitiveness. The results demonstrates that the success of the enterprise in question on foreign markets is closely connected to the implementation of innovative strategies. Their strategic decisions concerning the complexity of the international business organization, the degree of exposure of overseas expansion, the predominantly ethnocentric orientation, the product range offered on foreign markets commonly correspond to the initial stage of their internationalization. Despite this, the Russian innovation-active mediumsized companies seek to enter a significant number of foreign markets.en_GB
dc.publisherSt Petersburg State Universityen_GB
dc.relation.ispartofseriesRussian Management Journal;Vol. 14; Issue 4-
dc.subjectgazelle firmsen_GB
dc.subjectcompetitive advantagesen_GB
dc.subjectinternationalization strategiesen_GB
dc.titleOn Contemporary Internationalization Strategies of Russian Innovative Non-Commodity Companiesen_GB
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