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Mar-2017Neural crest contribution to the avian shoulder girdle and implications to girdle evolution in vertebratesPonomartsev, Sergey; Valasek, Petr; Patel, Ketan; Malashichev, Yegor
Mar-2017A new lithostrotian titanosaur (Dinosauria, Sauropoda) from the Early Cretaceous of Transbaikalia, RussiaAverianov, Alexander; Skutschas, Pavel
Mar-2017An unusual elbow muscle in the red howler monkey: does it deserve invention of a new name musculus contrahens cubiti?Novikova, Mellin; Kuznetsov, Alexander
Mar-2017Reorientation ability in redtail splitfin (Xenotoca eiseni): Role of environmental shape, rearing in group and exposure timeSovrano, Valeria Anna; Chiandetti, Cinzia
Mar-2017Enzyme activity of topsoil layer on reclaimed and unreclaimed post-mining sitesHeděnec, Petr; Vindušková, Olga; Kukla, Jaroslav; Šnajdr, Jaroslav; Baldrian, Petr; Frouz, Jan
Mar-2017Effectiveness of “Тhe IUCN red list of threatened species” application on a regional scale: current state of the “Red Data books” of RussiaPopov, Igor; Fadeeva, Anastasia; Palenova, Elena; Shamilishvily, George; Gorin, Kirill; Burdo, Andrey; Melchakova, Evgenia; Trofimova, Yulia; Sukristik, Viktor; Morova, Nadezhda; Kroo, Ksenia; Kirillova, Yulia
Mar-2017From Open Access to Open Science (Editorial)Malashichev, Yegor