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Title: Simulation of electrodynamic suspension systems for levitating vehicles. IV. Discrete track systems
Authors: Amoskov, Victor M.
Arslanova, Daria N.
Bazarov, Alexandr M.
Belov, Alexander V.
Belyakov, Valery A.
Belyakova, Tatiana F.
Vasiliev, Vyacheslav N.
Gapionok, Elena I.
Zaitzev, Anatoly A.
Zenkevich, Margarita Yu.
Kaparkova, Marina V.
Kukhtin, Vladimir P.
Lamzin, Evgeni A.
Larionov, Mikhail S.
Maximenkova, Nina A.
Mikhailov, Valery M.
Nezhentzev, Andrey N.
Ovsyannikov, Dmitry A.
Ovsyannikov, Alexandr D.
Rodin, Igor Yu.
Sychevsky, Sergey E.
Firsov, Alexey A.
Shatil, Nikolay A.
Issue Date: Sep-2016
Publisher: St Petersburg State University
Series/Report no.: Vestnik of Saint Petersburg University. Series 10. Applied Mathematics. Computer Science. Control Processes;Issue 3
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