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2011On deformation of transversally isotropic two-layered spherical shellKaramshina, L. A.
2015Biomechanical analysis of the human eye after the surgical correction of hyperopiaBauer, S.M.; Venatovskaia, L.A.
15-Oct-2015Heat Capacity and Standard Thermodynamic Functions of NaGdTiO4 and Na2Gd2Ti3O10 over the Range from (6 to 630) KMarkin, Alexey; Sankovich, Anna; Smirnova, Natalia; Zvereva, Irina
20-Oct-2015The exchange interactions and the state of manganese atoms in the solid solutions in Bi3NbO7 of cubic and tetragonal modificationsKorolev, Dmitry A.; Chezhina, Natalia V.; Zhuk, Nadezhda A.
21-Nov-2014Magnetic study of interatomic interactions, synthesis, structural and mass spectroscopy investigations of lanthanum gallate doped with cobalt and magnesiumKorolev, Dmitry A.; Chezhina, Natalia V.; Lopatin, Sergey I.
2015Shock-induced structures in copperMeshcheryakov, Yuri; Zhigacheva, Natalya; Vyvenko, Oleg; Bondarenko, Anton
Apr-2014Phase evolution in zirconia based systemsKurapova, O. Yu.; Konakov, V. G.
Dec-2015NANOSTRUCTURED YSZ COATINGS ON TITANIUMKonakov, V.G.; Kurapova, O.Yu.; Novik, N.N.; Archakov, I. Yu.; Pivovarov, M.M.
Jul-2015Nanostructured Yttrium Stabilized Zirconia Coatings on HPT Titanium- Nanostructure and Phase Composition AnalysisKonakov, V.G.; Ovid'ko, I.A.; Kurapova, O.Yu.; Novik, N.N; Archakov, I.Yu.
Dec-2014Введение в оптическую абсорбционную спектроскопию наноразмерных материаловТолстой, Валерий П.