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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2015Fe3+ partitioning systematics between orthopyroxene and garnet in mantle peridotite xenoliths and implications for thermobarometry of oxidized and reduced mantle rocksNimis, Paolo; Goncharov, Alexey; Ionov, Dmitri; McCammon, Catherine
Feb-2016Spatial distribution of eclogite in the Slave cratonic mantle: The role of subductionKopylova, Maya; Beausoleil, Yvette; Goncharov, Alexey; Burgerss, Jennifer; Strand, Pamela
Feb-2016Geochemistry of REE and HFSE in the mantle peridotites and pyroxenites xenoliths from Quaternary volcanoes of north-west SpitsbergenNikitina, Larisa; Babushkina, Miriam; Goncharov, Alexey
Mar-2016Composition and Formation of Gabbro-Peridotite Hosted Seafloor Massive Sulfide Deposits from the Ashadze-1 Hydrothermal Field, Mid-Atlantic RidgeFirstova, Anna; Stepanova, Tamara; Cherkashov, Georgy; Goncharov, Alexey; Babaeva, Svetlana
Oct-2015Thermal and redox conditions of formation of upper-mantle xenoliths in Cenozoic basalts of northwestern SpitsbergenGoncharov, Alexey; Nikitina, Larisa; Borovkov, Nikita; Babushkina, Miriam; Sirotkin, Alexander
Apr-2014High water contents in the Siberian cratonic mantle linked to metasomatism: An FTIR study of Udachnaya peridotite xenolithsDoucet, Luc; Peslier, Anna; Ionov, Dmitri; Brandon, Alan; Golovin, Alexander; Goncharov, Alexey; Ashchepkov, Igor