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dc.contributor.authorShchuchenko, Vladimir A.-
dc.identifier.citationShchuchenko V. A. Christian Logos and logic of culture. Vestnik of Saint-Petersburg University. Ser. 17. Philosophy. Conflict Studies. Cultural Studies. Religious Studies, 2016, issue 2, pp. 73–87. DOI: 10.21638/11701/ spbu17.2016.208en_GB
dc.description.abstractThe subject of the article is religious-idealistic culturology, which traces back to Christian tradition, and its possibilities and ideological perspectives. Categories of incarnation of God, theophany, God-Man, and finally godly logos are used in this culturology. The last category is analyzed in the works of S.N. Trubetskoy and V.F. Ern in relation to problematics of spiritual life and culture. It is emphasized there that Christian logos is incarnated, humanized logos, and therefore a logos that has spiritualized historic being and culture. At the same time, this category states absolute, unconditional parameters of evaluation critically important to any culturology: that creativity is the origination of something new, that has never been before, this is spiritual way of development; that evangelic logos is personalized and therefore turns to historic specifics of individual and axiological worlds: that the concept of Christian logos allows us to overcome the immanent limitation of «conventionally-abstract» ratio, and affirm the dynamic and hierarchic component of culture and being. In this article a conclusion is made that the development of approaches to culture apprehension is needed. It should be Christian-oriented and take into account both religious teleology and rationally confirmed analysis methods of individual axiological worlds. Refs 7.en_GB
dc.publisherSt Petersburg State Universityen_GB
dc.relation.ispartofseriesVestnik of St Petersburg University. Series 17. Philosophy. Conflict Studies. Culture Studies. Religious Studies;Issue 2-
dc.subjectChristian logosen_GB
dc.subjectincarnation of Goden_GB
dc.subjectspiritual developmenten_GB
dc.subjectdynamic hierarchismen_GB
dc.titleChristian Logos and logic of cultureen_GB
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