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Title: Spatiotemporal neuromodulation therapies engaging muscle synergies improve motor control after spinal cord injury
Authors: Wenger, Nikolaus
Moraud, Eduardo Martin
Gandar, Jerome
Musienko, Pavel
Capogrosso, Marco
Baud, Laetitia
Le Goff, Camille G
Barraud, Quentin
Pavlova, Natalia
Dominici, Nadia
Minev, Ivan R
Asboth, Leonie
Hirsch, Arthur
Duis, Simone
Kreider, Julie
Mortera, Andrea
Haverbeck, Oliver
Kraus, Silvio
Schmitz, Felix
DiGiovanna, Jack
van den Brand, Rubia
Bloch, Jocelyne
Detemple, Peter
Lacour, Stéphanie P
Bézard, Erwan
Micera, Silvestro
Courtine, Grégoire
Issue Date: Feb-2016
Publisher: Nature publishing group
ISSN: 1078-8956
Other Identifiers: 10.1038/nm.4025
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