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dc.contributor.authorBolotin, Dmitrii S.-
dc.contributor.authorBokach, Nadezhda A.-
dc.contributor.authorKukushkin, Vadim Yu.-
dc.description.abstractAlthough the versatile chemistry of conventional oximes has been extensively reviewed over the years in both the organic chemistry literature and the coordination chemistry literature, amidoximes, RC(NH2)=NOH, have so far received substantially less attention. Taking into account the increased publication activity on the subject, we systematically review the data on the routes for preparation of amidoxime complexes, the coordination patterns of ligands, and the classification of metal-involving reactions of amidoxime species. This survey includes a comparison of the coordination chemistry and metal-involving reactions of amidoximes with those of conventional ketoximes and aldoximes.en_GB
dc.relation.ispartofseriesCoordination Chemistry Reviews;vol. 313-
dc.subjectAmidoxime complexesen_GB
dc.subjectCoordination chemistryen_GB
dc.subjectLigand reactivityen_GB
dc.titleCoordination chemistry and metal-involving reactions of amidoximes: relevance to the chemistry of oximes and oxime ligandsen_GB
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