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dc.contributor.authorSamarov Artemiy, Naumkin Pavel-
dc.contributor.authorToikka Alexander-
dc.description.abstractChemical equilibrium (CE) for the quaternary reactive system of acetic acid–n-butanol–n-butyl acetate– water was studied at 308.15 K and atmospheric pressure. The experimental data on CE were considered in comparison with the data on liquid–liquid equilibrium: the CE is reached both in homogeneous and heterogeneous area of reactive mixture compositions. The crossing of CE and binodal surfaces is presented in a composition tetrahedron and a square of transformed composition variables. The thermodynamic constant of CE at 308.15 K was determined with the use of NRTL and UNIQUAC models.en_GB
dc.relation.ispartofseriesFluid Phase Equilibria;403-
dc.subjectChemical equilibriumen_GB
dc.subjectn-Butyl acetateen_GB
dc.subjectPhase equilibriumen_GB
dc.titleChemical equilibrium for the reactive system acetic acid + n-butanol + n-butyl acetate + water at 308.15 Ken_GB
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