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dc.contributor.authorAhola, Sari-
dc.contributor.authorPietarien, Margarita-
dc.contributor.authorUllakonoja, Riikka-
dc.description.abstractFinnish National Certifi cates of Language Profi ciency examination is intended for adults and assesses language skills in practical situations where adults may generally need to speak, listen, write and read in the foreign language. It comprises three subtests at six levels: Basic (1–2 levels), Intermediate (3–4 levels) and Advanced (5–6 levels). The profi ciency level scale of the Finnish National Certifi cates of Language Profi ciency is linked to the scale of the Common European Framework (CEFR). Finnish National Certifi cates of Language Profi ciency examination tests all four language skills — reading comprehension, listening comprehension, writing and speaking. Applicants for Finnish citizenship have to demonstrate the required level of proficiency in Finnish or Swedish. A succesful applicant is required to pass the 3d level (~ level B1) both in oral (listening and speaking) and wtitten (reading comprehension and writing) parts of the test. The article discusses the test results gained by the Russian test takers in all these parts of the test and reveals correspondence of their language skills to the requirements for acquiring Finnish citizenship. The article represents a summary of the test results and survey data conducted among the test takers in 2012 (a total number of the test takers, n = 5097) and 2013 (n = 5996). From the total number of the test takers, the number of the test takers who have Russian as a native language amounts to 30 %. Moreover, the article reveals how variable factors can infl uence the test results, namely gender, education, language preparation courses and use of language in various contexts.en_GB
dc.publisherSt. Petersburg State Universityen_GB
dc.subjectthe Finnish Language Testen_GB
dc.subjectlanguage requirements and Finnish citizenshipen_GB
dc.subjectknowledge of the Finnish language of the Russian test takersen_GB
dc.titleSUCCESS IN THE LANGUAGE TEST AND CITIZENSHIP (Some results of the Russian test takers in the Finnish language test in Finland)en_GB
dc.title.alternativeУСПЕХ НА ЯЗЫКОВОМ ЭКЗАМЕНЕ И ГРАЖДАНСТВО (некоторые результаты экзаменов на знание финского языка русскоязычных тестируемых в Финляндии)en_GB
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