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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Muslim philosophers on education and teaching Volume 2.Alikberov, А.К.; Аликберов, А.К.
2015Russia and Muslim Near East (Arab countries, Turkey, Iran).Dyakov, N.N.; Bazilenko, I.V.; Zhukov, К.А.; Дьяков, Н.Н.; Базиленко, И.В.; Жуков, К.А.
2014Contemporary literature of the Near and Middle EastSuvorov, М.N.; Суворов, М.Н.
2015Muslim mysticismDrozdov, V.А.; Дроздов, В.А.
2016Shia IslamKnysh, А. D.; Matochkina, А. I.; Кныш, А. Д.; Маточкина, А. И.
2016Islam in the post-Soviet spaceSobolev, V.G.; Соболев, В.Г.
2016New Russia and Muslim Near East (Arab countries, Turkey, Iran) at the turn of 20th-21st centuries.Bazilenko, I.V.; Dyakov, N.N.; Zhukov, К.А.; Базиленко, И.В.; Дьяков, Н.Н.; Жуков, К.А.
2015Islam: History, culture and practice. Introductory course.Knysh, А.D.; Matochkina, А.I.; Кныш, А.Д.; Маточкина, А.И.
2016Adat and Sharia in Muslim Eurasia. Near and Middle East. Part 1.Suvorov, М.N.; Dzhandosova, Z.А.; Ulanova, D.V.; Суворов, М.Н.; Джандосова, З.А.; Уланова, Д.В.
2015Islamic mass media in the Near East and Russia: History, current issues, and ideologyGerasimov, I.V.; Герасимов, И.В.