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Название: Dmitrii Mileev and the restoration of wooden architectural monuments in early twentieth-century Russia
Авторы: Khodakovsky, Evgeny
Meliukh, Ekaterina
Дата публикации: апр-2015
Издательство: Blackwell Publishing Ltd
Описание: This article brings to light the professional life of Dmitrii Vasil'evich Mileev (1878–1914), one of the leading Russian architects and architectural restorationists of the twentieth century. For various reasons, Mileev's work has not received much attention in Russian scholarly literature, and this article seeks to fill this gap by delving into the archives and publications of the Imperial Architectural Commission, as well as using other documents from the early 1900s. The focus is on the restoration of wooden architectural monuments of the Russian North, since Mileev was the first Russian architect to work out a systematic method of preservation that he followed while working on over fifty such buildings. The article continues its exploration into the Soviet period, taking note in particular of the theoretical and practical work of A. V. Opolovnikov, who continued Mileev's work. Together, their contribution to Russian culture was priceless, and their legacy helped to set the course for future Soviet restorationist efforts.
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ISSN: 00360341
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