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dc.contributor.authorKotelnikova, Kseniia I.-
dc.description.abstractTalent Development (TD) as a narrower part of Talent Management (TM) is an important field of study. Both theoretically and empirically TM has received a lot of attention, but is still being not structured enough. TM has proved to positively influence firm’s result, however specificity of this connection is still to be developed. TD is even less developed field, however availability is very important for organizations, especially IT ones. It has proved to be increasing loyalty, commitment, retention and even attraction issues. However it is supposed to be organized properly in order to be effective. Unfortunately, there are no specific guidelines for successful TD program, but there are a lot of good examples. Current study focuses on connection of TD practices in Russian IT companies with firm’s performance; it also considers state of its development in terms of accessibility of programs, their design and factors. The study contributes to fulfilling research gaps that exist in TM and TD research. According to the chosen research strategy, questionnaire was designed that was later filled in by respondents who are working in Russian IT companies. The result of the study is important contribution to managerial, theoretical and empirical aspects of TD.en_GB
dc.publisherGraduate School of Management, Saint Petersburg State University, Master in Information Technologies and Innovation Managementen_GB
dc.subjecttalent managementen_GB
dc.subjecttalent developmenten_GB
dc.subjectemerging marketsen_GB
dc.subjectRussian IT companiesen_GB
dc.titleTalent Development and It's Influence on Firm's Result in Emerging Market Firms: Evidence from Russian IT Companiesen_GB
dc.contributor.altauthorКотельникова, К. И.-
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