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21-Nov-2019Non-natural 2H-azirine-2-carboxylic acids: an expedient synthesis and antimicrobial activitySakharov, Pavel A.; Koronatov, Alexander N.; Khlebnikov, Alexander F.; Novikov, Mikhail S.; Glukharev, Artem G.; Rogacheva, Elizaveta V.; Kraeva, Liudmila A.; Sharoyko, Vladimir V.; Tennikova, Tatiana B.; Rostovskii, Nikolai V.
22-Sep-2019Asymmetric Membranes Based on Copolyheteroarylenes with Imide, Biquinoline, and Oxazinone Units: Formation and CharacterizationPolotskaya, Galina; Pulyalina, Alexandra; Goikhman, Mikhail; Podeshvo, Irina; Gofman, Iosif; Shugurov, Sergey; Rostovtseva, Valeriia; Faykov, Ilya; Tataurov, Maksim; Toikka, Alexander; Polotsky, Alexander
25-Jul-2019Influence of water concentration on its mobility in Matrimid®Petrov, Andrey; Smirnov, Michael; Sokolova, Maria; Toikka, Alexander
2018Novel Polyheteroarylene Membranes for Separation of Methanol‒Hexane Mixture by PervaporationPulyalina, Alexandra; Polotskaya, Galina; Goikhman, Mikhail; Podeshvo, Irina; Rostovtseva, Valeriia; Shugurov, Sergey; Gofman, Iosif; Saprykina, Natalia; Gulii, Natalia; Loretsyan, Natalia; Toikka, Alexandra
Dec-2018Novel Polyheteroarylene Membranes for Separation of Methanol‒Hexane Mixture by PervaporationPolotskaya, G.; Pulyalina, A.; Goikhman, M.; Podeshvo, I.; Shugurov, S.; Gofman, I.; Saprykina, N.; Gulii, N.; Loretsyan, N.; Toikka, A.
3-Nov-2018Effect of Domain Structure of Segmented Poly(urethane-imide) Membranes with Polycaprolactone Soft Blocks on Dehydration of n-Propanol via PervaporationSokolova, Maria; Bugrov, Alexander; Smirnov, Michael; Smirnov, Alexander; Lahderanta, Erkki; Svetlichnyi, Valentin; Toikka, Alexander
6-Sep-2018Methods of time-resolved transient absorption spectroscopyMereshchenko, Andrey S.; Мерещенко, Андрей Сергеевич
May-2018Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon in urban soils of an Eastern European megalopolis: distribution, source identification and cancer risk evaluationAbakumov, Evgeny; George, Shamilishvilli; Dmitry, Gabov
7-Apr-2016The investigation of dye aging dynamics in writing inks using Raman spectroscopyGorshkova, Kseniia O.; Tumkin, Ilya I.; Myund, Liubov A.; Tverjanovich, Andrey S.; Mereshchenko, Andrey S.; Panov, Maxim S.; Kochemirovsky, Vladimir A.
6-Apr-2016Primary photochemical processes for PtCl62− complex in acetonitrile solutionsMatveeva, Svetlana G.; Pozdnyakov, Ivan P.; Grivin, Vjacheslav P.; Plyusnin, Victor F.; Mereshchenko, Andrey S.; Melnikov, Alexey A.; Chekalin, Sergey V.; Glebov, Evgeni M.
16-Feb-2017State-specific transport properties of partially ionized flows of electronically excited atomic gasesIstomin, V.A.; Kustova, E.V.
28-Sep-2016Convenient modular construction of medicinally important 5-acylamino-4,5-dihydroisoxazoles featuring four elements of diversityKulyashova, Alexandra; Krasavin, Mikhail
28-Apr-2015Cyclometallated platinum(II) complexes containing NHC ligands: synthesis, characterization, photophysics and their application as emitters in OLEDsSolomatina, A I; Krupenya, D V; Gurzhiy, Vladislav V.; Zlatkin, I; Pushkarev, A P; Bochkarev, M N; Besley, N A; Bichoutskaia, E; Tunik, S P
8-Sep-2015Luminescence Solvato- and Vapochromism of Alkynyl-Phosphine Copper ClustersKrytchankou, Ilya S; Koshevoy, Igor O; Gurzhiy, Vladislav V; Pomogaev, Vladimir A; Tunik, Sergey P
Dec-2015Synthesis and crystal structure of thiolate-bridged dinuclear platinum(II) complexesSuezov, R.V.; Eremin, A.V.; Gurzhiy, Vladislav V.; Medvedskii, N.L.; Belyaev, A.N.
Jan-2015Synthesis and biological activity of hydrochlorides of benzyl ethers of pyrimidin-4(3H)-thiones and related compoundsErkin, A.V.; Gurzhiy, Vladislav V.; Krutikov, V.I.
Jul-2015Structure and synthesis of 3,5-dimethyl-N-nitro-1H-pyrazole-1-carboxamidineOzerova, O.Yu.; Efimova, T.P.; Novikova, T.A.; Gurzhiy, Vladislav V.; Berestovitskaya, V.M.
May-2015Synthesis of 3-aryl-6a-methyl-6-nitro-1-phenylhexahydrothieno[2,3-d]pyrazole 4,4-dioxidesBerestovitskaya, V.M.; Efremova, I.E.; Lapshina, L.V.; Serebryannikova, A.V.; Gurzhiy, Vladislav V.; Abzianidze, V.V.
Sep-2015Synthesis and crystal structure of mononuclear complex of Pd(II) with cyclic thioureaNikandrov, E.M.; Grigor'eva, A.A.; Eremin, A.V.; Ruzanov, D.O.; Gurzhiy, Vladialav V.; Belyaev, A.N.
Aug-2015Molecular and crystal structures of 2-phenyl-2-hydro-6-methyl-1,3-dioxa-6-aza-2-silacyclooctaneIgnatyev, I.S.; Kochina, T.A.; Avronin, V.V.; Gurzhiy, Vladislav V.; Fundamensky, V.S.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 102