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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Laser-induced copper deposition from aqueous and aqueous - organic solutions: state of the art and prospects of researchKochemirovsky, Vladimir A.; Skripkin, Mikhail Yu.; Tveryanovich, Yury S.; Mereshchenko, Andrey S.; Gorbunov, Artem; Panov, Maxim S.; Tumkin, Ilya I.; Safonov, Sergey V.
1-Oct-2015Photochemistry of P3HT and PC60BM in toluene solution: Evidence of T-T energy transferLukina, Ekaterina A.; Pozdnyakov, Ivan P.; Mereshchenko, Andrey S.; Uvarov, Mikhail N.; Kulik, Leonid V.
5-Nov-2014Photochemistry of copper(II) chlorocomplexes in acetonitrile: Trapping the ligand-to-metal charge transfer excited state relaxations pathwaysMereshchenko, Andrey S.; Olshin, Pavel K.; Karimov, Artur M.; Skripkin, Mikhail Yu.; Burkov, Kim A.; Tveryanovich, Yury S.; Tarnovsky, Alexander N.
6-Apr-2016Primary photochemical processes for PtCl62− complex in acetonitrile solutionsMatveeva, Svetlana G.; Pozdnyakov, Ivan P.; Grivin, Vjacheslav P.; Plyusnin, Victor F.; Mereshchenko, Andrey S.; Melnikov, Alexey A.; Chekalin, Sergey V.; Glebov, Evgeni M.
7-Apr-2016The investigation of dye aging dynamics in writing inks using Raman spectroscopyGorshkova, Kseniia O.; Tumkin, Ilya I.; Myund, Liubov A.; Tverjanovich, Andrey S.; Mereshchenko, Andrey S.; Panov, Maxim S.; Kochemirovsky, Vladimir A.
6-Sep-2018Methods of time-resolved transient absorption spectroscopyMereshchenko, Andrey S.; Мерещенко, Андрей Сергеевич