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2015Tris-isocyanide copper(I) complexes: Synthetic, structural, and theoretical studyMelekhova, Anna A.; Novikov, Alexander S.; Luzyanin, Konstantin V.; Bokach, Nadezhda A.; Starova, Galina L.; Gurzhiy, Vladislav V.; Kukushkin, Vadim Yu.
2015Regio- and stereoselective 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition of cyclic azomethine imines to platinum(IV)-bound nitriles giving Δ2-1,2,4-triazoline species,Smirnov, Andrey S.; Kritchenkov, Andrey S.; Bokach, Nadezhda A.; Selivanov, Stanislav I.; Gurzhiy, Vladislav V.; Kuznetsov, Maksim L.; Roodt, Andreas; Kukushkin, Vadim Yu.
zinc-4000x3000-6.jpg.jpg2015Facile zinc(II)-mediated generation of 5-amino substituted 2,3-dihydro-1,2,4-oxadiazoles and their further ZnII-catalyzed and O2-involving transformations, New J. Chem., 39 (2015) 9330–9344, DOI: 10.1039/C5NJ02061ASmirnov, Andrey S.; Butukhanova, Ekaterina S.; Bokach, Nadezhda A.; Starova, Galina L.; Gurzhiy, Vladislav V.; Kukushkin, Vadim Yu.
28-Apr-2015Cyclometallated platinum(II) complexes containing NHC ligands: synthesis, characterization, photophysics and their application as emitters in OLEDsSolomatina, A I; Krupenya, D V; Gurzhiy, Vladislav V.; Zlatkin, I; Pushkarev, A P; Bochkarev, M N; Besley, N A; Bichoutskaia, E; Tunik, S P
Apr-2015Synthesis and structure of dinitrosyl iron complexes with secondary thiolate bridging ligands [Fe2(μ-SCHR2)2(NO)4], R = Me, PhDavidovich, Pavel B.; Gurzhiy, Vladislav V.; Sanina, N.A.; Shchukarev, A.V.; Garabadzhiu, A.V.; Belyaev, A.N.
Dec-2015Synthesis and crystal structure of thiolate-bridged dinuclear platinum(II) complexesSuezov, R.V.; Eremin, A.V.; Gurzhiy, Vladislav V.; Medvedskii, N.L.; Belyaev, A.N.
Jan-2015Synthesis and biological activity of hydrochlorides of benzyl ethers of pyrimidin-4(3H)-thiones and related compoundsErkin, A.V.; Gurzhiy, Vladislav V.; Krutikov, V.I.
13-Aug-2015Discovery of Novel Isatin-Based p53 InducersDavidovich, P; Aksenova, V; Petrova, V; Tentler, D; Orlova, D; Smirnov, S; Gurzhiy, Vladislav V.; Okorokov, A L; Garabadzhiu, A; Melino, G; Barlev, N; Tribulovich, V
Aug-2015Molecular and crystal structures of 2-phenyl-2-hydro-6-methyl-1,3-dioxa-6-aza-2-silacyclooctaneIgnatyev, I.S.; Kochina, T.A.; Avronin, V.V.; Gurzhiy, Vladislav V.; Fundamensky, V.S.
Jul-2015Structure and synthesis of 3,5-dimethyl-N-nitro-1H-pyrazole-1-carboxamidineOzerova, O.Yu.; Efimova, T.P.; Novikova, T.A.; Gurzhiy, Vladislav V.; Berestovitskaya, V.M.