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dc.contributor.authorLatukha, Marina O.-
dc.description.abstractThe St Petersburg First Aid Station faced the issue of staff retention and incentive program improvement. In recent years, the Station managers noticed certain tension among the staff, increased proneness to conflict for some employees, dissatisfaction with the incentive scheme, affecting the staff fluctuation. Analysis of the data provided by HR Department, as of the year 2008, had clearly shown that the number of dismissed employees exceeded the number of admitted employees by far. First Aid Station is an emergency agency, its social importance is unquestionable for the authorities at any levels. Therefore, its activities should be defined clearly. Understaffing in emergency teams may lead to extended time of team expectation and, respectively, to reduced operation urgency and quality of medical emergency.en_GB
dc.publisherECCH; Graduate School of Management, Saint Petersburg State Universityen_GB
dc.titleMedical Staff Attraction and Retention: St.Petersburg First Aid Stationen_GB
dc.contributor.altauthorЛатуха, М. О.-
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