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dc.contributor.authorTarashnina, Svetlana-
dc.contributor.authorSmirnova, Nadezhda-
dc.identifier.citationTarashnina, S. I., & Smirnova, N. V. (2017). Constructive and blocking powers in some applications. Contributions to Game Theory and Management, 10(0), 339-349.en_GB
dc.descriptionin Contributions to game theory and management, vol. X. Collected papers presented on the Tenth International Conference Game Theory and Management / Editors Leon A. Petrosyan, Nikolay A. Zenkevich. – SPb.: Saint Petersburg State University, 2017. – 404 p.en_GB
dc.description.abstractWe investigate the prenucleolus, the anti-prenucleolus and the SM-nucleolus in glove market games and weighted majority games. This kind of games looks desirable for considering solution concepts taking into account the blocking power of a coalition S with different weights. Analytical formulae for calculating the solutions are presented for glove market game. Influence of the blocking power on players’ payoffs is discussed and the examples which demonstrate similarities and differences comparing with other solution concepts are given.en_GB
dc.publisherSaint Petersburg State Universityen_GB
dc.subjectcooperative TU-gameen_GB
dc.subjectsolution concepten_GB
dc.subjectconstructive and blocking poweren_GB
dc.subjectglove market gameen_GB
dc.subjectweighted majority gameen_GB
dc.titleConstructive and Blocking Powers in Some Applicationsen_GB
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