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Sep-2018Alpha-sets in finite-dimensional Euclidean spaces and their applications in control theoryUshakov, Vladimir N.; Uspenskii, Aleksander A.; Ershov, Aleksander A.
Sep-2018A family of sixth-order methods with six stagesOlemskoy, Igor V.; Kovrizhnykh, Nikolay A.
Sep-2018Evaluation of the volume of ordering of goods while possible demand dropBure, Vladimir M.; Karelin, Vladimir V.; Bure, Artem V.
Sep-2018Modification biterm topic model input feature for detecting topic in thematic virtual museumsAnggai, Sajarwo; Blekanov, Ivan S.; Sergeev, Sergei L.
Dec-2018Methodology for disseminating information channels analysis in social networksPronoza, Anton A.; Vitkova, Lidia A.; Chechulin, Andrey A.; Kotenko, Igor V.; Sakharov, Dmitry V.
Dec-2018Construction and reduction of the Pareto set in asymmetric travelling salesman problem with two criteriaZakharov, Aleksey O.; Kovalenko, Yulia V.
Dec-2018Simulations of maglev EDS performance with detailed numerical modelsAmoskov, Victor M.; Arslanova, Daria N.; Bazarov, Alexandr M.; Belov, Alexandr V.; Belyakov, Valery A.; Firsov, Alexey A.; Gapionok, Elena I.; Kaparkova, Marina V.; Kukhtin, Vladimir P.; Lamzin, Evgeny A.; Larionov, Mikhail S.; Mizintzev, Alexandr V.; Mikhailov, Valery M.; Nezhentzev, Andrey N.; Ovsyannikov, Dmitrij A.; Ovsyannikov, Alexandr D.; Rodin, Igor Yu.; Shatil, Nikolay A.; Sytchevsky, Sergey E.; Vasiliev, Vyacheslav N.; Zenkevich, Margarita Yu.
Dec-2018Applied statistics to evaluate the quality of educationBure, Natalia A.; Grebennikova, Nadezhda L.; Staroverova, Kseniya Yu.
Dec-2018Maximin approach in estimating of the goods order volume under condition of falling demandPolyakova, Ludmila N.; Bure, Vladimir M.; Karelin, Vladimir V.
Dec-2018Setting lower bounds on Jensen—Shannon divergence and its application to nearest neighbor document searchDobrynin, Vladimir Yu.; Rooney, Niall; Serdyuk, Julian A.