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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1967Genetics at the Leningrad UniversityLobashev, M.E.; Лобашев, М.Е.
1967On the problem of the role of behaviour as a factor of microevolutionKaidanov, L.Z.; Кайдинов, Л.З.
1967After-effect of different doses of X-rays in drosophila lines which have different radiosensitivityVatty, K.V.; Viktorova, G.V.; Beijaiskaja, O.J.; Ватти, К.В.; Викторова, Г.В.; Беляцкая, О.Я.
1967Genetical analysis of some exitometrical parametersGolovachev, G.D.; Головачев, Г.Д.
1967About the heritabilitv of inhibition reaction of oviposition in the fowlAleksejevich, L.A.; Алексеевич, Л.А.
1967Problems of comparative plant genetics. VI. Parallelism in hereditary variation and its genetical basisFadeyeva, T.S.; Фадеева, Т.С.
1967Genetics of rye (Secale cereal L.). IX. Pleiotropic effect of a genetical factor of dwarfnessFedorov, V.S.; Smirnov, V.G.; Sosnikhina, S.P.; Федоров, В.С.; Смирнов, В.Г.; Соснихина, С.П.
1967About the mechanism of non-disjunction of chromosomesTikhomirova, M.M.; Тихомирова, М.М.
1967Heteropycnosis of the accessory B-chromosomes in black flies (Diptera) and the genome homeostasisShcherbakov, E.S.; Щербаков, Е.С.
1967Genetics of rye (Secale cereale L.). VI. On the genetics of waxy bloomFedorov, V.S.; Smirnov, V.G.; Sosnikhina, S.P.; Федоров, В.С.; Смирнов, В.Г.