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dc.contributor.authorBratkin, Dimitri A.-
dc.identifier.citationBratkin D. A. Why Hieromonk Alexei Vinogradov was (not) a scholar? A late 19th century example of translatio studii. Vestnik SPbSU. Philosophy and Conflict Studies, 2017, vol. 33, issue 2, pp. 146–156.en_GB
dc.description.abstractThe main subject if this article deals with the scholarly value of the works published by Alexander Nikolaevich (Hieromonk Alexei) Vinogradov (1845-1919/20). The author provides a list of Vinogradov’s principal published works and explains what made them different in comparison with the Russian literature of his time. Analysis shows that Vinogradov, who had received no systematical higher education on ecclesiastical subjects, was able to assess his subject matter freely and widely. His desire to do scholarly research in any form available at the time, his enchantment with China, and official assignment to supervise Bible translations from Church Slavonic into Chinese brought him to notice the difference between the Slavonic and the English Bible. So he produced a three-volume work on the history of biblical translations into English. It is the only treatment of this subject that has ever been written by a Russian scholar. The work is based mainly on the English treatises of the time, and open (i.e., not hindered by any confessional Orthodox anti-Western or anti-critical attitude) reception of the English literature made this work special. So far as Vinogradov was mainly translating, copying and pasting the English sources into his Russian text, he worked along the medieval fashion of ‘translatio studii’. Yet, as he is slavishly copying the critical literature of the 19th century, the outcome of his work stimulates and encourages the reception of critical scholarship. Refs 7.en_GB
dc.description.sponsorshipThis article was done for the project 16-18-10083 of Russian Science Foundation — “The Study of Religion in Social and Cultural Context of the Epoch: the History of Religious Studies and Intellectual History of Russia in19th — first half of 20th century”en_GB
dc.publisherSt Petersburg State Universityen_GB
dc.relation.ispartofseriesVestnik of St Petersburg University. Philosophy and Conflict Studies;Volume 33; Issue 2-
dc.subjecthieromonk Alexei Vinogradoven_GB
dc.subjectBible translationsen_GB
dc.subjecthistory of scholarshipen_GB
dc.titleWhy Hieromonk Alexei Vinogradov was (not) a scholar? A late 19th century example of translatio studiien_GB
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