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16-Oct-2014GSOM Emerging Markets Conference: Business and Government Perspectives (October 16-17, 2014, Saint Petersburg, Russia). Conference ProceedingsConference Reviewers; Участники конференции
2012Factors influencing high-growth aspirations of entrepreneurial firms: Evidence from GEM dataAkhmedova, Anna; Ахмедова, А.
2012Entrepreneurial framework conditions in emerging economies: Evidence from GEM dataKomarova, Nadezda; Комарова, Н.
2012Entrepreneurship in national economies: The study of factors that influence the level of entrepreneurial activityGemazudinov, Dmitriy; Гемазудинов, Д.
2015Role of university context in student entrepreneurial Intentions development: cross-country studyDovbakh, Evgeniia N.; Довбах, Е. Н.
2013Global Entrepreneurship Monitor. Russia 2012 - Rus.Verkhovskaya, Olga R.; Dorokhina, Maria V.
2010Global Entrepreneurship Monitor. Russia 2009 - Rus.Verkhovskaya, Olga R.; Dorokhina, Maria V.
2014Global Entrepreneurship Monitor. Russia 2008 - Rus.Verkhovskaya, Olga R.; Dorokhina, Maria V.
2007Global Entrepreneurship Monitor. Russia 2006 - Rus.Verkhovskaya, Olga R.; Dermanov, Vassily K.; Dorokhina, Maria V.; Katkalo, Valery S.
2013Influence of Entrepreneurial Orientation on Internationalization of Russia CompaniesPyatnitskov, Yakov V.; Пятницков, Я. В.