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Предварительный просмотрДата выпускаНазваниеАвтор(ы)
июн-2017Sergey Vasiljevich Vallander. By the 100th anniversary of his birth-
июн-2017Surfaces of minimal energy and their singular points in the problem of stellar approaches toward the solar systemMammadli, Azad Hidayat oglu
июн-2017Long-wave vibrations and waves in anisotropic beamTovstik, Petr E.; Tovstik, Tatiana P.; Naumova, Natalia V.
июн-2017Spatially homogeneous relaxation of CO molecules with resonant V E transitionsMishina, Alena I.; Kustova, Elena V.
июн-2017Workspaces of a Steward’s platform in the 6D space of generalised coordinatesLeonov, Gennady A.; Tovstik, Petr E.; Tovstik, Tatiana M.
июн-2017Nonexistence of liouvillian solutions in the problem of motion of a rotationally symmetric ellipsoid on a perfectly rough planeKuleshov, Alexander S.; Itskovich, Mikhail O.
июн-2017Correlation between properties of eigenfrequencies and eigenmodes in a chain of rigid bodies with inertialess moment connectionsIndeitsev, Dmitry A.; Sergeev, Aleksander D.
июн-2017Equilibrium composition and physical and chemical characteristics of high-temperature air mixtures with diverse densitiesBogdanova, Natalia V.; Rydalevskaya, Maria A.
июн-2017Stability loss of an infinite plate with a circular inclusion under uniaxial tensionBauer, Svetlana M.; Kashtanova, Stanislava V.; Morozov, Nikita F.; Semenov, Boris N.
июн-2017Aging and fracture of compressible elasticviscous mediaArutyunyan, Alexander R.; Arutyunyan, Robert A.
июн-2017Pseudo-poissonian processes with stochastic intensity and a class of processes which generalize the Ornstein Uhlenbeck processRusakov, Oleg V.
июн-2017NP-complete problems for systems of divisibilities of values of linear polynomialsKosovskii, Nikolay K.; Kosovskaya, Tatiana M.; Kosovskii, Nikolay N.; Starchak, Mikhail R.
июн-2017Conditions for the global stability of a single system with hysteresis nonlinearityZviagitceva, Tatiana E.; Pliss, Viktor A.
июн-2017Towards the analysis of the simulated annealing method in the multiextremal caseErmakov, Sergey M.; Kulikov, Denis V.; Leora, Svetlana N.
июн-2017T-optimal designs for discrimination between rational and polynomial modelsGuchenko, Roman A.; Melas, Viatcheslav B.
июн-2017Hilbert pairing on Lorentz formal groupVostokov, Sergei V.; Pital’, Petr N.
июн-2017To the question of stability of periodic points of three-dimensional diffeomorphismsVasilieva, Ekaterina V.
июн-2017Two-dimensional homogeneous cubic systems: classification and normal forms — IIIBasov, Vladimir V.; Chermnykh, Aleksander S.
Ресурсы коллекции (Сортировка по Даты сохранения в по убыванию порядке): 1 по 18 из 18