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Sep-2017Perception of Public E-services by Russian Citizens: A Pilot Study in St. PetersburgGolubeva, Anastasiya A.; Gilenko, Evgenii V.
Sep-2017Gamification and KPI Automation: Just Another Managerial Trends or New Motivation Methods?Rebrov, Alexey V.; Cherkasov, Artem Yu.
Sep-2017Supervisors’ Transformational Leadership: Personality and Management Practices as AntecedentsBalabanova, Evgenia S.; Deminskaya, Veronika E.
Sep-2017Dynamic Approach to Defining Intellectual Capital of Board of Directors and Its StructureBerezinets, Irina V.; Garanina, Tatiana A.; Ilina, Yulia B.
Sep-2017Technology Roadmaps: Implementation of Innovation Management in Large CompaniesMatich, Lyubov Yu.
Dec-2017The Impact of Human Resources Management Systems on Financial Performance of Banks in RussiaZelenova, Olga I.; Prosvirkina, Elena Yu.
Dec-2017The Influence of CEO Letters’ Tone on Financial Indicators of the CompanyFedorova, Elena A.; Demin, Igor S.; Khrustova, Lyubov E.; Osetrov, Roman A.; Fedorov, Fedor Yu.
Dec-2017Practicies of CRM Strategies Development in the Russian CompaniesManin, Aleksandr V.; Vetrova, Тatiana V.
Dec-2017The International Business Management Environment in the BRIC(S) BlocLittrell, Romie F.; Prem, Ramburuth
Dec-2017Digital Manufacturing: New Challenges for Marketing and Business ModelsDaviy, Anna O.; Paklina, Sofia N.; Prokofyeva, Alia S.