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Mar-2017Entrepreneurial Activity In Russia: Global Entrepreneurship Monitoring Project 2006–2016 ResultsVerkhovskaya, Olga R.; Aleksandrova, Ekaterina A.
Mar-2017Ageism at the Russian Labour Market: Wage DiscriminationKolosnitsyna, Marina G.; Klepikova, Ekaterina A.
Mar-2017Coordinating Flows of Organisational Knowledge: The Role of the Corporate UniversityKonovalenko Slettli, V.; Grønhaug, K.
Mar-2017Hybrid Forms of Business Organization: The Interfirm Cooperation PerspectiveDementiev, Victor Е.; Evsukov, Sergey G.; Ustyuzhanina, Elena V.
Mar-2017Diffusion of E-business Technology In Russia: Results of an Empirical StudyTrachuk, Arkady V.; Linder, Natalia V.
Jun-2017How Сompanies Search Employees: Empirical Evidence From Russian CompaniesRoshchin, Sergey Yu.; Solntsev, Sergey A.
Jun-2017Mutual Fund Managers: Real or Make-Belief Performance .Bukhvalova, Barbara A.
Jun-2017Economic Analysis of Corporate Law. A Review of Glushetsky A. A. Share Capital: Stereotypes and Overcoming Them. Economic Analysis of Corporate Law. Moscow, 2017Lobanova, Elena N.; Minasyan, Vigen B.
Jun-2017Enterprise Architecture: Transition From IT-Infrastructure Design to Business TransformationKudryavtsev, Dmitry V.; Arzumanyan, Maxim Yu.
Jun-2017Firm Performance During Economic Crisis: The Role of Strategic Orientations and Financial CapitalBeliaeva, Tatiana V.; Shirokova, Galina V.; Gafforova, Elena B.