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Mar-2017Globalization and orthodoxy in imperial RussiaFreeze, Gregory
Mar-2017From the enlightenment to National SocialismBaryshnikov, Vladimir Nikolaevich; Borisenko, Victor Nikolaevich; Plenkov, Oleg Jurjevich
Mar-2017Characteristics of the first Carlist War in CataloniaTereshchuk, Andrei Andreevich
Mar-2017Forms of patriotism of the early modern Irish nobilityLevin, Feliks Evgenyevich
Mar-2017The coinage of the term American Exceptionalism and its original meaningsAdamova, Nina Eduardovna
Mar-2017Nazi national policy towards the Russian minority in the Baltic StatesPlath, Tilman
Mar-2017The Eircs and the foundation legend of Scottish Dál RiataFyodorov, Sergey Egorovich
Mar-2017Nationalist mobilization in the russian far east during the closing phase of the civil warSablin, Ivan
Mar-2017Ethnic discrimination in late imperial RussiaMironov, Boris Nikolaevich
Mar-2017Early stages of paternalistic multicultural policy in YakutiaBorisov, Andrian Afanas’evich