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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Analysis of relations of differentiation competence, internationalization and company's performance: Evidence from Russian and international manufacturing companiesShutilova, Anna; Шутилова, А.
2012The influence of compound distance factors on the internationalisation of large-sized companies in the hotel industryIvanova, Olga N.; Иванова, О. Н.
2015Internationalization Strategy of Chinese Privately-owned MNEs: the Case of Huawei and ZTELi, Xiang; Ли, Сян
2013The Impact of Political Connectedness on the Internationalization of Russian CompaniesGoshka, Mariia L.; Гошка, М. Л.
2012Top manager's competencies for internationalization: Evidence from Russian SMEs entering foreign marketsLusta, Maksim; Луста, М.
2015The role of entrepreneur-related factors in SMEs internationalization: Evidence from Russian firmsKovalenko, Valeria A.; Коваленко, В. А.
2015Determinants of cross-border mergers and acquisitions by Chinese and Russian firms: A multi-level analysisBodmer, Marco; Бодмер, Марко
2015Key determinants of internationalization strategies of Russian and South Korean steel companiesKim, Jae H.; Ким, Дж. Х.
2013The Role of Government in Internationalization of Russian Oil and Gas MNCs in Western BalkanStojkovic, Vuk; Стойкович, В.
2013Influence of Entrepreneurial Orientation on Internationalization of Russia CompaniesPyatnitskov, Yakov V.; Пятницков, Я. В.