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Title: Taxonomically mixed blue mussel Mytilus populations are spatially heterogeneous and temporally unstable in the subarctic Barents Sea
Other Titles: Individual data on genotype, age, and morphotype of genotyped mussels from Tyuva
Information on quantitative samples of Tyuva mussels
R scripts & input file “data_Tyuva mussels”
Authors: Marchenko, J
Khaitov, V
Katolikova, M
Sabirov, M
Malavenda, S
Gantsevich, M
Basova, L
Genelt-Yanovsky, E
Strelkov, P
Issue Date: 21-Nov-2022
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Tyuva mussels_raw data_summary table.xlsx51,21 kBMicrosoft Excel XMLView/Open
data_Tyuva mussels.xlsx126,25 kBMicrosoft Excel XMLView/Open
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