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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Investigations of electronic properties of one-dimensional conductors using modern methods of electron beam lithographyВарыгин Георгий Владимирович; Varygin Georgii
2017Experimental and theoretical research into spontaneous and stimulated Dicke radiationКоршок Ирина Константиновна; Korshok Irina
2017An investigation of the fractal properties of zirconium dioxide xerogels at various annealing temperaturesАзарова Любовь Александровна; Azarova Liubov
reviewSV_KarginTY_rukovoditel_NemnyuginSAnew.jpg.jpg2017Charged particle identification in the BM@N experimentКаргин Тимофей Юрьевич; Kargin Timofei
2017Synthesis and photophysical parameters of metal clusters stabilized by proteins of the albumin groupСоболев Максим Евгеньевич; Sobolev Maxim
2017A study of NMR spectra of hydrogen bonded phosphinic acid self-associates in polar aprotic solutionsКостин Михаил Александрович; Kostin Mikhail
2017Visualisation of standing acoustic waves by vaporous and gaseous cavitationБогданов Иван Витальевич; Bogdanov Ivan
2017Structure development of Java-based version of distolymp software systemТимашов Даниил Александрович; Timashov Daniil
2017A study of the electronic structure of KNa2Bi thin filmsБакалов Анатолий Эдуардович; Bakalov Anatolii
2017A helium atom as a probe for the electronic structure and acid-base properties of CH proton donorsЕфимова Александра Александровна; Efimova Aleksandra