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2017An investigation of the fractal properties of zirconium dioxide xerogels at various annealing temperaturesАзарова Любовь Александровна; Azarova Liubov
2017Localized solutions of the Dirac equation with smooth potentialКуйдин Владислав Васильевич; Kuidin Vladislav
2017Planar III-V semiconductor heterostructures: Fabrication and optical propertiesПлатунов Дмитрий Алексеевич; Platunov Dmitrii
2017Development of plasma electron spectroscopy (PLES) method based on a non-local plasma of a short glow discharge for gas chromatographyТрофимов Игорь Владимирович; Trofimov Igor
2017Observation and analysis of statistical characteristics of trans-ionospheric radio signalsКозлов Валерий Сергеевич; Kozlov Valerii
2017Effect of the environment upon the symmetry of the ammonium ion in zeolitesНовиков Роман Геннадьевич; Novikov Roman
2017Methods for calculating the mechanical strength of components of high-voltage switching devicesМатвиюк Александр Сергеевич; Matviyuk Alexander
2017L-spinor basis set for relativistic calculations of the electronic structure of multicharged ionsБондарцев Никита Сергеевич; Bondartcev Nikita
2017Influence of a low-frequency alternating magnetic field on current distribution in main circuit elements of high-voltage electrical devicesБелошейкин Даниил Владиславович; Belosheikin Daniil
2017Evolution of entangled states in Lindblad-Franke quantum mechanicsИзотова Екатерина Александровна; Izotova Ekaterina