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reviewSV_Markizov_L_P__bak_rec.JPG.jpg2017Analysis of DNA conformation in solutions with different short peptidesМаркизов Леонид Петрович; Markizov Leonid
2017Computer simulation of PLA and PHB polyestersДмитриенко Даниил Игоревич; Dmitrienko Daniil
reviewSV_NemnyuginSA_soglasie.jpg.jpg2017A study of cells with anti-relaxation coatingФомин Алексей Андреевич; Fomin Aleksei
2017Influence of magnetic fields created by abnormal currents on the disconnection of a drive with a magnetic latchПосуховская Виктория Андреевна; Posukhovskaia Viktoriia
reviewSV_Otzyv_Nauch_Ruk.JPG.jpg2017The eikonal algebra on a metric graphКаплун Александр Владимирович; Kaplun Aleksandr
2017Computer simulation of local orientational mobility of thermoplastic polyimide R-BAPSДобровский Алексей Юрьевич; Dobrovskii Aleksei
2017The problem of removing the degeneracy of the operator of the Becker-Doering kinetic equationЕрошкин Юрий Андреевич; Eroshkin Iurii
2017Excitons in semiconductor heterostructuresДаньшин Сергей Александрович; Danshin Sergei
2017Optimisation of a powder diffractometerШмидт Юрий Александрович; Shmidt Iurii
2017Simulation of unsteady heat-conductive systems for high voltage electrical devicesБегаль Дмитрий Игоревич; Begal Dmitrii