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2017Effect of the environment upon the symmetry of the ammonium ion in zeolitesНовиков Роман Геннадьевич; Novikov Roman
2017Localized solutions of the Dirac equation with smooth potentialКуйдин Владислав Васильевич; Kuidin Vladislav
2017Trajectories of charged and neutral particles in fields of various configurationsОлевская Виктория Владимировна; Olevskaia Viktoriia
2017Computer simulation of PLA and PHB polyestersДмитриенко Даниил Игоревич; Dmitrienko Daniil
2017Excitons in semiconductor heterostructuresДаньшин Сергей Александрович; Danshin Sergei
2017The problem of removing the degeneracy of the operator of the Becker-Doering kinetic equationЕрошкин Юрий Андреевич; Eroshkin Iurii
2017Exploration of interaction processes of highly charged ions with strong short pulses of coherent radiationКрапивин Дмитрий Андреевич; Krapivin Dmitrii
reviewSV_OtzyvTarasov.jpg.jpg2017Ion drag in a dusty plasmaТарасов Сергей Александрович; Tarasov Sergei
2017The structure of protonated oxides-photocatalysts with perovskite-like layered structures of H2R2Ti3O10 typeГильмияров Марат Рафаэлевич; Gilmiyarov Marat
2017IInfluence of oxygen on interaction of graphene with metalГращенко Владимир Сергеевич; Grashchenko Vladimir