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2018The Contemporary Ballet as an Integral Text: A Case Study of Creative Work of German Choreographer John NeumeierГорбацевич Дарья Александровна; Gorbatsevich Daria
2018The Generative Aspect of Urban Space Semiotisation: A Case Study of Königsberg/KaliningradРезвухина Анна Ильинична; Rezvukhina Anna
2018Russian Orthodox Church in Germany: Cultural and Philosophical AnalysisНосульчак Варвара Владимировна; Nosulchak Varvara
2018Ethical Grounds of Islamic Financial SystemЕфимова Алина Дмитриевна; Efimova Alina
2018Symbolism of Red Colour in Chinese CultureЛевина Валентина Вадимовна; Levina Valentina
2018Philosophical and Anthropological Grounds of Mainstream Development of Theatre in 20th CenturyБолгарина Алиса Евгеньевна; Bolgarina Alisa
2018Mass Society: Philosophical AnalysisЕчина Ирина Олеговна; Echina Irina
2018Musical Festivals as a Modern Aesthetic PhenomenonЦедик Елизавета Сергеевна; Tsedik Elizaveta
2018New China in Literary Anti-utopias of the 20th CenturyБолученкова Наталья Олеговна; Boluchenkova Natalia
2018Integration of the Political into the Aesthetical: A case Study of Artistic Practices of 20-21 centuriesКиселева Мария Евгеньевна; Kiseleva Mariia