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2019Economic rationale for the first stage of Damage Control Orthopaedics tactics for the long tubular bones closed fractures with external fixation rods in polytraumaДундур Александра Петровна; Dundur Aleksandra Petrovna
2019Autoimmune thyroiditis and goutПояркова Анастасия Игоревна; Poarkova Anastasia Igorevna
2019Pharmacogenetics of clozapine: pharmacoeconomic aspectГурьянова Наиля Маратовна; Guranova Naila Maratovna
2019Arterial stiffness and arterial hypertension: effect of lifestyle modification and antihypertensive therapy on arterial stiffnessКазанцева Татьяна Сергеевна; Kazanceva Tatana Sergeevna
2019Arterial stiffness as a function of accumulation of damaging effects of vascular risk factorsПриходько Никита Андреевич; Prihodko Nikita Andreevic
2019Prognostic significance of QT interval in patients with CKD С5dФилатова Татьяна Александровна; Filatova Tatana Aleksandrovna
2019Clinical evaluation of indicators of respiratory function in patients with chronic kidney disease (stage 5)Князева Алена Игоревна; Knazeva Alena Igorevna
2019Importance of minimally invasive methods in the diagnosis of respiratory diseasesГоробец Евгения Алексеевна; Gorobec Evgenia Alekseevna
2019Use of сombined xenodermoplasty and autodermoplasty in treatment of lower extremities chronic wounds of venous etiologyАбышов Афган Араз оглы; Abysov Afgan Araz ogly
2019Acute symptomatic seizures at the onset of ischemic stroke: сlinical and pathogenetic aspectsКоряковский Василий Игоревич; Korakovskij Vasilij Igorevic