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2016Estimation of radiation exposure doses in patients undergoing X-ray examination of the upper gastrointestinal tractЗинкевич Ксения Вадимовна; Zinkevich Kseniia
2016Morphofunctional parallels in placental insufficiencyШувалов Михаил Витальевич; Shuvalov Mikhail
2016Impact of antidepressant therapy on cognitive functions in patients with depressionЯнченко Маргарита Анатольевна; Ianchenko Margarita
reviewSV_CHikurov_A__V_0002.jpg.jpg2016The results of surveillance in colorectal neoplasia patientsЧикуров Антон Владимирович; Chikurov Anton
2016Dermoscopic features in differential diagnosis of scarring alopeciaКанина Александра Дмитриевна; Kanina Aleksandra
2016Melanoma risk factors in dermatological patientsТкаченко Юлия Анатольевна; Tkachenko Iuliia
2016Cardiorenal interactions in patients with metabolic syndromeЛебедев Денис Андреевич; Lebedev Denis
2016Clinical, functional and neuroradiological characteristics of patients with cerebral venous disordersНиколаева Алина Александровна; Nikolaeva Alina
2016Balloon sinuplasty combined with stratus-therapy as a method for treatment of polypous rhinosinusitisКаляпин Денис Дмитриевич; Kaliapin Denis
2016Investigation of the influence of ocular media parameters and angle kappa on the accuracy of intraocular lens power calculationКейер Федор Николаевич; Keier Fedor