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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017The influence of the European Union’s experience on the formation of ecological diplomacyШестакова Ангелина Игоревна; Shestakova Angelina
2017The European Union in the global political system of the 21st centuryОщепкова Анастасия Константиновна; Oshchepkova Anastasiia
reviewSV_Otzyv_Filatovoj.jpeg.jpg2017EU sanctions against Russia through the lens of Italian and Russian mediaЗверева Валерия Алексеевна; Zvereva Valeriia
2017The European Union and the development of Spanish statehoodФедосеева Ксения Станиславовна; Fedoseeva Ksenia
2017Public diplomacy of Russia and the EU in Belarus: Comparative analysisСтебнева Татьяна Александровна; Stebneva Tatiana
2017The EU–Russia cooperation issuesТукаев Андрей Рашидович; Tukaev Andrei
2017The European Union's attitude to the amendment to the law on the Constitutional Court in PolandВасильцова Ксения Валерьевна; Vasiltsova Kseniia
2017The Crimean issue: relations between Russia and the European UnionБахрина Анастасия Александровна; Bakhrina Anastasiia
2017Political and legal mechanisms of the conflict settlement in Northern Ireland: Problems and prospectsЯушева Анжела Робертовна; Iausheva Anzhela
2017European integration under the governments of D. Cameron and T. May (2010–2017)Борисова Дарина Владиславовна; Borisova Darina