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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Humanitarian interventions: milestones, causes and prospectsТимшин Александр Александрович; Timshin Aleksandr
2016NATO humanitarian interventions: Theoretical basis and practical implementationЛебедь Иван Игоревич; Lebed Ivan
2016"The Arab Spring" and its impact on global politicsВенгерова Елизавета Владимировна; Vengerova Elizaveta
2016Unrepresented peoples communities in the USA in the modern period: Assimilation and adaptationХомич Владислав Вячеславович; Khomich Vladislav
2016The image of a foreign state leader in the US media: The case of Russian President Vladimir PutinГорева Влада Константиновна; Goreva Vlada
2016The problems of shale gas development regulation in Europe: The cases of Great Britain, France, and SwedenЗыков Денис Сергеевич; Zykov Denis
2016The split of the political elite of the Kingdom of Sweden (2011 - 2015)Лабунская Анастасия Андреевна; Labunskaia Anastasiia
2016US public diplomacy in the 2000s: new approaches and principlesФедорова Изабелла Владимировна; Fedorova Izabella
2016Energy policy of Canada in the context of "Sustainable development" of the countryФеклушин Артём Владимирович; Feklushin Artem
2016International sporting contacts of St.Petersburg: A historical aspect (the case of game sports)Тиунов Вячеслав Александрович; Tiunov Viacheslav