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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017The Nicaraguan canal project in the international contextИсаев Анар Октаевич; Isaev Anar
reviewSV_IMG_0611.PNG.jpg2017Cooperation between Russia and BRICS countries in the energy sectorКондратенко Диана Александровна; Kondratenko Diana
2017Political image of Russia and soft powerБурдин Герман Николаевич; Burdin German
2017Russian immigration to Canada in the 20th – early 21st centuryСнесарь Платон Витальевич; Snesar Platon
2017Cooperation of Russia with Japan, Republic of Korea and the People's Republic of China in the field of healthcare: Problems and prospectsЯворская Наталья Юрьевна; Iavorskaia Natalia
2017Russia–China cooperation in the field of science and education in the early 21st century: Challenges and prospectsБу Руслан Хэевич; Bu Ruslan
2017Russia as an object of information warfare: evidence from conflicts in Kosovo and GeorgiaЗолотова Виктория Эдуардовна; Zolotova Viktoriia
reviewSV_IMG_0638.PNG.jpg2017Issues in German-Russian relations during Angela Merkel's chancellorship (2005–2017)Мушкет Мария Александровна; Mushket Mariia
reviewSV_Petrova_KV_bak_rec_3.jpg.jpg2017Cultural aspect of the information warfare between Russia and the U.S.Петрова Кристина Вячеславовна; Petrova Kristina
2017The republic of Belarus and the Republic of Poland in the context of military and political tension between Russia and NATOУтробин Денис Дмитриевич; Utrobin Denis