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2017Molecular-thermodynamic modelling of bilayer perforation and formation of a spatial network in solutions of ionic surfactantsЕмельянова Ксения Александровна; Emelianova Kseniia
2017Chromatographic determination of synthetic dyes in pharmaceutical and food samplesДавлетбаева Полина Насимовна; Davletbaeva Polina
reviewSV_person_dannye.jpeg.jpg2017Silicone (co)polymers and composite materials based on themДерябин Константин Валерьевич; Deriabin Konstantin
2017Solvent-free reaction of cyclic anhydrides with imines (the Castagnoli-Cushman reaction)Лепихина Анастасия Викторовна; Lepikhina Anastasiia
2017New catalysts of the platinum group for hydrosilylation of polysiloxanesДобрынин Михаил Валерьевич; Dobrynin Mikhail
2017Synthesis and study of physicochemical properties of photocatalysts based on layered bismuth-containing titanatesМинич Яна Андреевна; Minich Iana
2017Nanotraps for HIV virotoxins and chemokines based on biodegradable polymeric nanoparticlesПопова Екатерина; Popova Yekaterina
2017Modification of quantitative chromatographic methods using additional standardsПрокофьев Денис Витальевич; Prokofev Denis
2017Star-shaped poly(2-oxazoline)s based on the chlorosulfonated calix[8]areneБлохин Алексей Николаевич; Blokhin Aleksei
2017Synthesis of gramicidin S analogesМихайленко Вера Алексеевна; Mikhailenko Vera