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2016Protest potential of modern Russian opposition: The case of St. PetersburgНагаев Александр Фаридович; Nagaev Aleksandr
2016Human resource management innovations in leading Chinese companies: The case of IT companiesСун Чанхун; Song Changhong
2016The Don flotilla during the Russian-Turkish War of 1735 - 1739Белоусов Александр Сергеевич; Belousov Aleksandr
2016Influence of customer communication systems on customer loyalty managementСырцева Полина Владимировна; Syrtceva Polina
2016Corporate culture in activities of a tourism enterprise: Experience of Russia and foreign countriesШемякина Марина Сергеевна; Shemiakina Marina
2016"Co-management" as a sociological phenomenon: Current application in higher education institutionsШатрова Наталья Игоревна; Shatrova Natalia
2016Historical factor as the main barrier to the political resolution of the Kuril Islands territorial disputeЧернышёв Михаил Сергеевич; Chernyshev Mikhail
Proekt_artobekta_Raevskoj_A_.jpg.jpg2016Decorative textile panelРаевская Анастасия Максимовна; Raevskaia Anastasiia
2016Formalisation and analysis of mathematical model of interaction between corrupted official and clientНикифорова Анна Анатольевна; Nikiforova Anna
2016Small and medium business in political process in St.Petersburg and Leningrad regionСмолкин Артем Владимирович; Smolkin Artem