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2016Small and medium business in political process in St.Petersburg and Leningrad regionСмолкин Артем Владимирович; Smolkin Artem
2016Evaluation of the investment climate in St. PetersburgКуценко Ольга Семёновна; Kutcenko Olga
2017Practices of public transportation use by residents of central, peripheral and suburban districts of St. PetersburgИванова Анастасия Олеговна; Ivanova Anastasiia
2017Analysis of causes of death in HIV-infected patientsЖелезникова Полина Михайловна; Zheleznikova Polina
2017Socio-economic analysis of the eco-friendly product market: The case of St. PetersburgИльясова Мария Вагизовна; Iliasova Mariia
2017Smoke as a commodity: hookah establishhments of St.PetersburgИванова Анна Вячеславовна; Ivanova Anna
2017The Judicial Quarter and urban concepts of spatial development in the 21st century St.PetersburgГорячковская Виктория Александровна; Goryachkovskaya Victoriya
2017Problems of application of mathematical methods in marketing researchСторожева Майя Дмитриевна; Storozheva Maiia
2017Retail market: A socio-economic analysis: The case of St.Petersburg supermarket chainsАбросимова Ольга Владимировна; Abrosimova Olga
2017Features of business valuation under crisisМашаро Никита Дмитриевич; Masharo Nikita