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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Marshall McLuhan's theory of society: A critical analysisАнтоненкова Милена Сергеевна; Antonenkova Milena
2017Current formats of travel journalism: Case studies of the "Orel i Reshka" and "Neputevie zametki" programmesНовожилова Таисия Борисовна; Novozhilova Taisiia
2017Media in mobile applications: Distribution and monetisation of the contentХазиева Анастасия Вадимовна; Khazieva Anastasia
2017The artistic elements in the report on the international themeБорецкая Вероника Александровна; Boretskaya Veronika
2017Information security and necessity of counterterrorism efforts: A case study of mass media of the People's Republic of ChinaМа Цзюньцин; Ma Junqing
2017Peacekeeping function of mass media: A case study of the Ukraine events from 2013 to 2016Браткова Евгения Александровна; Bratkova Evgenia
2017Spindoctoring as a modern PR technology of executive authoritiesРазаев Артем Андреевич; Razaev Artem
2017Sports television in Russia: Development prospects. A case study of the Match TV channelПавлов Никита Алексеевич; Pavlov Nikita
2017Extremism and terroristic organisations as reflected by mass mediaСмирнова Наталья Юрьевна; Smirnova Natalia
2017Terrorism on Russian and European radioСтепанова Алина Алексеевна; Stepanova Alina