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dc.contributor.authorRusina, Elena V.-
dc.description.abstractThe article presents a review of «Alba Ruscia: Belarusian Lands at the Crossroads of Cultures and Civilizations (10th–16th centuries)», the collective study of Belarusian historians, edited by A. V. Martyniouk (Moscow, 2015). In reviewer’s opinion, the book deals with a wide range of important issues, a special stress is laid on the activities of little-known historical personalities. Particular attention is also paid to the specificity of data regarding Eastern Europe in the Middle Ages and Early Modern times which can be found in the works of foreign authors. Reviewer emphasizes the high academic quality of the essays included in the book and believes that it may serve as an impetus for the further research of problems involved.en_GB
dc.publisherSt Petersburg State Universityen_GB
dc.relation.ispartofseriesStudia Slavica et Balcanica Petropolitana;Issue 1-
dc.subjectWhite Russiaen_GB
dc.subjectEastern Europeen_GB
dc.subjecthistorical sourcesen_GB
dc.titleWhite Rus’: a European Dimensionen_GB
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