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Mar-2019The phenomenon of risk in the context of preventive policies (criminal riskology)Babaev, Michail M.; Pudovochkin, Yuri E.
Mar-2019Legal entities in the state of creation and termination as insolvency subjects under German and Russian lawShishmareva, Tatiana P.
Mar-2019The Right of Private Defence under the Indian Penal Code, 1860Trikoz, Elena N.
Mar-2019Problems of legal regulation of licensing control over educational activitiesKulikova, Tatyana B.
Mar-2019The differentiation of legal regulation as an instrument for the formation of the special labour law status of medical workerBelokolodova, Tatiana I.
Mar-2019Sports Liability of Football Clubs for Spectators’ Behavior: Art. 12, Art. 14 of the Code of Sports Justice of the Italian Football Federation (F. I. G. C.) and para. “e” of the Art. 16 (2) of the UEFA Disciplinary RegulationsGuseinova, Elmyra; Kashaeva, Anastasia A.; Vasilyev, Ilia A.
Mar-2019Political and legal features of the activities in the field of renewable energy sources in IcelandKologermanskaia, Ekaterina M.
Mar-2019The controversial aspects of resolving of normoconflicts in cases of formal priority of codesPetrov, Alexander A.
Mar-2019Natural law and the crisis of liberal legal orderKirilenko, Viktor P.; Alekseev, Georgy V.; Pacek, Maxim
Mar-2019Problems of legal policy implementation in the field of internationalization of higher legal educationMalko, Aleksander V.; Lipinsky, Dmitriy A.; Salomatin, Aleksey Yu.